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We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by making customer satisfaction our #1 priority. In fact, if you hire us to design/install a project for you, we will post your review, positive or negative, under our testimonies! That's how confident we are. \\ View our testimonials.

Professional Presentation Systems

Your meetings are important. Use technology more effectively.

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Let Synergy help design your campus AV systems over Winter break.

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We can provide A / V solutions for integrating into your projects.

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Synergy Media Group, LLC is an elite audiovisual technology provider in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH.

We are a design-build value-add firm meaning that we are a single source provider for design, consultation, installation, programming, testing, training, and preventative maintenance. \\ Click here to learn more about us.

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Wouldn't it be nice to walk into your conference room and with the press of one button...

the electric screen would drop, the projector would turn on, your laptop presentation would appear on the screen, the audio volume would ramp to the perfect level, the video conference participant on the far-end would be automatically dialed in, the lights would dim, and the blinds would shut creating the optimal presentation environment that anyone could operate. From complex systems, as described above, to simple audio and video systems with a projector hung from the ceiling and a manual screen.

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Whether you're interested in college lecture halls, university auditoriums, K-12 classrooms, or distance learning facilities,

Synergy Media Group has a classroom technology solution to fit your functionality requirements and your budget. SMG's installers have installed audio visual systems at 80% of the colleges and universities in western Pennsylvania area and numerous k-12 schools in the Pittsburgh area.

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The Healthcare industry has specific audiovisual needs.

Synergy Media Group has installed high-end board rooms and training rooms in numerous hospitals and non-profit healthcare institutions in the Pittsburgh area. Additionally, operating rooms, videoconferencing centers, briefing rooms, collaboration facilities, and waiting rooms are all common audiovisual applications in the healthcare industry.

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Government audiovisual systems, network operation centers, emergency operation centers, courthouses, video conference facilities, and detention centers all have a need for the most reliable and secure AV systems.

Synergy Media Group has designed and installed numerous government systems and understands the heightened levels of security and reliability required by this industry.

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Houses of Worship have the utmost need for clear, intelligible audio...

as well as an aesthetically pleasing design that does not detract from the beauty of the space. Microphones and speakers are given in these systems while projectors, screens, and control systems are becoming far more common.

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Synergy Media Group operates a high-end residential division

that is custom tailored towards home theater, media rooms, home automation, and whole house audio systems. SMG works with builders, architects, and/or home owners to design and install home AV systems in new construction or completed homes.

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Integrated Green Building Technology The Complete Energy Management System

The only way to achieve meaningful reductions in energy usage and utility costs is for all building systems to be completely integrated on a single, intelligent building management platform.

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