A Good Opportunity for a Great Cause: Bates Fork Baptist Church

10 Feb A Good Opportunity for a Great Cause: Bates Fork Baptist Church

Deep within the heart of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, atop a small rise among the Sycamore trees, lies a humble, weather-beaten church. Erected in the late 1800’s, Bates Fork Baptist Church has been serving the families of the Waynesburg area for over 150 years. Providing an invaluable resource for advice and encouragement for its members.

While little has changed to the church itself over the years, the needs of the modern day worshipper certainly have. The ever expanding arms of technology have found a home in churches across the country as a means for communicating with more and more people both locally and globally. The introduction and utilization of audio/video systems in Houses of Worship brings not only an increase in church membership but also encourages interaction among all ages within the congregation itself.

Features such as distributed audio, sound reinforcement, wireless microphones, and laptop connectivity have enhanced the dynamic of the worship experience at Bates Fork Baptist. The custom tailored audio/video design and installation provided by the Synergy Media Group team is sure to be an exciting new and valuable investment that will only further encourage the mission of Bates Fork Church in the Waynesburg area.

Synergy Media Group is proud to have been a part of the Bates Fork community and believes that any opportunity, no matter how big or how small, has the potential to change the lives of the men and women of the nearby communities, for the better.

If you or a member of your community is interested in the Bates Fork Baptist Church story or is considering an audio/video solution for your congregation, contact Synergy Media Group today for more information.

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