Digital Signage

Wayfinding, marketing, communications, and advertising.

Digital signs are used for wayfinding, internal communications, marketing, and advertising. LED screens or video walls act as digital signs that allow organizations to send centralized messages throughout the building or to any corporate location throughout the world. Content often includes text, images, animations, video, audio, and RSS feeds. These displays can have an interactive component to them such as embedded touchscreens allowing visitors to interact with the display, movement detection that allows the display to recognize who approaches the display and present content specifically for that intended marketing segment, and image capture so your organization receives data on how users are interacting with the displays.


Too often technology integrators install a digital signage system and leave the content creation up to the client. In our opinion, that’s an incomplete system. The digital signage system will fail if there’s not a content creation strategy in place that can be easily updated with professionally created presentations. If your organization does not have content creation specialists in house, we’ve got you covered.