Mesh your technology design with your furniture plan.

When you’re designing a technology space, the furniture is an extremely important aspect of the project that often is overlooked. You will need the furniture to have cable pathways, laptop connections integrated into the table, moveable tables and chairs for collaboration rooms, and much more.


We have a partnership with Steelcase furniture that enables us to not only design your technology, but the furniture plan of your space. Our team of space planners understand how to optimally mesh your technology design with your space layout. Task chairs that move as a synchronized system which allow users to be supported in any position whether they are typing at a keyboard, iPad or phone. Conference room tables with grommet and cable management so that all cables routed to the table can be hidden.


The bottom line is if you’re interested in a conference room or classroom technology retrofit, furniture should be in the discussion. And we’re the only technology integrator in the region with the experience to mesh these two trades.