Integrated Interiors / Connected Environments

Technology, furniture, writable walls, lighting, and more all rolled into one.

Too often technology firms only focus on technology products when designing a technology space. The truth is, we’re not creating just a technology space, but a presentation environment. It’s negligent to design a technology system that doesn’t account for furniture, electrical outlets, whiteboard, writeable surfaces, and lighting. In any space, a holistic approach to room design is the only way to create the optimal presentation environment


The furniture choices impact the space usage along with the aesthetics of cable runs. A combination of technology and furniture can really make the space feel complete.

Electrical outlets need to be at LED displays, projectors in the ceiling, projection screens, and rack locations. It doesn’t make sense that you have to cut a purchase order to an integration firm and then go out and find an electrician to add a few outlets. We’ll take of these electrical additions for you.


Whiteboards and writeable wall surfaces provide collaboration space for brainstorming sessions. Synergy Media Group can provide these complementary elements for you.


In videoconferencing, it’s imperative to design a lighting system that complements the camera angles, reduces shadowing, and provides the most advantageous lighting levels.


We want to take the burden off of you. No more cutting purchase orders to multiple companies. No more finger pointing when there are coordination issues. You need an environment that flows aesthetically and operates optimally. That’s what we do.