Managed Services

SLA’s, onsite support, and VC as a Service.

Managed services come in a number of different flavors. Different needs for different use cases.


Service Level Agreements will provide you with a guaranteed onsite response time of 24 hours or 4 hours if you declare it an emergency. With the industries quickest response time, your technological issues will be resolved before any else notices there was an issue.


Onsite Services provide your organization access to our company expertise. With full-time and on-demand onsite services available, you have access to our companies full suite of knowledge for running and servicing the technology systems at your facility.


Videoconference As A Service allows your organization to hold videoconference calls without paying for an entire system or the expensive bridging infrastructure. Using Synergy’s videoconferencing services you can videoconferencing from your location for an one-time low cost fee.