MARC USA reinvests in AV technology

28 Jan MARC USA reinvests in AV technology

MARC USA: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Change. Inexorable, inescapable, inevitable. Few things are more susceptible to the progression of time than technology. While many of us are aware of this fact, only a select few fully understand the nature of that change and the challenges (and opportunities) it can bring. Such is the case at one of the nation’s premiere advertising agencies, MARC USA.

Located in the heart of Station Square along the Monongahela River, MARC USA is beginning 2014 with a commitment to overhauling their audio/video systems technology. Their current systems were seven years old and the firm recognized that, as with every technology, their systems were slowly becoming outdated and the technology was beginning to fail.  The firm has displayed a rare willingness to evolve in an effort to inspire growth, new ideas, and remain a top competitor in the industry.

The Synergy Media Group just completed this large installation for Marc’s Town Square. The current design includes dual Hitachi HD projectors, Crestron control processors with a 10’’ touch panel, Biamp audio processing, large group audio conferencing, and Polycom HD video conferencing. Just to note a few.

So when considering your New Year’s resolution, take example from MARC USA and ensure your presentation systems are functional and up-to-date.

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