Our Story

Culture, Value, and Team

Our Standards

  • We Love Science

    Ambient light readings, acoustic calculations, bandwidth usage, optimal viewing assessments, power consumption, optimal occupancy, and more. We don’t guess, we calculate.

  • Integrated Interiors

    We take a holistic approach to technology presentation environments. We look at the entire space. The furniture, the lighting, the paint color, and the technology. We create optimal technology ecosystems.

  • Fast As a Jack Rabbit

    (Quickest response time)

    In everything we do, we’re quicker. Returning calls, creating proposals, onsite service visits, solving problems. Time is precious. In a world that moves fast, we are faster.

  • Design Thinking

    The “A-ha Moment”

    Scientist vs. Architect. Analysis vs Synthesis. Our design thinking approach allows us to successfully solve multi-dimensional technology problems by meshing different decision making styles.

  • So Long Status Quo

    Technology is a constant evolution. We embrace change. We eat it for breakfast. We are young Gen X’ers and Millennials whose passion is cutting edge technology. We’re always a step ahead of our competitors.

  • Long Term Relationships

    We’re in this for the long haul. Our interests are not just a one-time installation. We want to build connected technology environments, complete with top-notch service and support, with you through the life of your company. Case and point: the vast majority of our hundreds of customers have all completed multiple projects with us over numerous years.

Office Environment

Our workspace represents our company values and aesthetic. Open, collaborative, technological, minimalistic, and creative on every level. Video walls, light broadcast suites, training centers, mobile furniture, we write on walls, we live in the cloud, we share content wirelessly throughout the entire office so the space evolves as our brainstorming sessions dictate.

Meet Our Team

Bill McIntosh loves business and technology. He has an unyielding passion for making things better; processes, solutions, and relationships. Bill focuses on surrounding himself with great people and getting things done. Outside of work, you’ll find Bill with his wife and two little girls, at a Penguins game, kicking around a soccer ball, or having an IPA at a local pub. Bill holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Bill McIntosh

Co-Founder, President

Greg Carpenter is a hands-on problem solver. His vast knowledge in construction, technology, carpentry, and project management is a crucial asset for design/build projects. Greg’s military background has honed his “Dress right, dress” expectations for all installations which is a valuable asset to all customers. Greg has a wife and four children, is a Brazilian Ju Jitsu tournament champion, and sports lover.

Greg Carpenter

Co-Founder, CEO

Josh Casey is a CAD genius. His ability to churn out timely, accurate drawings has made us a valuable asset to architects during design/build projects. Josh is fluent in BIM/REVIT projects as well, differentiating us from the majority of our technology competitors. Josh has two children, enjoys hunting, and growing a beard.

Josh Casey

CAD Manager

Mark Eckhardt is a jack of all trades. Mark joined Synergy in 2013 and has been a key player in a number of high profile installations. He has a great personality and a “can do” attitude. Outside of work, Mark can be found playing soccer, at a Pens game, or golfing.

Mark Eckhardt


Anthony Ferraro is a top-notch project manager and runs our installation crews. His calm and “get-it-done” personality makes him a great liaison between all trades on a job site. His communication skills are a valuable asset on large projects. Anthony is also a Biamp certified audio programmer. Anthony can be seen outside of work with his wife and three girls.

Anthony Ferraro

Project Manager

AJ Freyvogel is a walking technical manual. His vast product knowledge and troubleshooting ability is rivaled only by the extreme amount of steps he takes per day. AJ goes above and beyond on all projects. His time outside of work is spent with his wife and two children and smoking good cigars.

AJ Freyvogel

Lead Installation Technician

Brad Gathers is Crestron master programmer and is responsible for all GUI and touchpanel programming. Brad is always experimenting with new layouts and programming tricks that will separate our designs from the competition. Brad has a wife and a baby boy and enjoys hunting.

Brad Gathers

Crestron Programmer

Rachel is our office’s glue. Not only is she responsible for our finances but she keeps our male dominated office in line. We would be lost without her. Rachel enjoys gardening, her nieces, and floating the Yough.

Rachel Keck

Accountant & Office Manager

Tibor is the smiling face you'll see on Synergy installation sites. His hands-on skillset makes him a valuable member of our installation department and his personable demeanor make him a client favorite. Tibor hails from Hungary and is a hardcore Real Madrid fan.

Tibor Meszaros


Alex Lynch


Jen Rowe is the queen of partnering with architects for our design wing, BrightTree Studios. She’s responsive, thorough, and intelligent. She has brought a plethora of new, innovative ideas to Synergy and knows how to get things done. Her two children are her world.

Jen Rowe

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Cory is a fireball of enthusiasm. After growing up in NYC and spending 10 years living in New Zealand, Cory has returned to the States and immediately became an asset to our design group. He's ability to pick up new ideas, retain that knowledge, and implement it into our designs is a real asset. He's also an AMX certified programmer.

Cory Sarzotti


Andrew Smith joined Synergy Media Group as a CAD Technician. His enthusiasm and passion is evident in his work and we are proud to have him on our CAD team. If we could clone him, we would.

Andrew Smith

CAD Technician

Chris Smithson will build you the prettiest equipment rack you’ve ever seen. Chris is a hands-on problem solver with a creative and well-read mind. He is extremely quiet when you first meet him, but he has a lot of information and interesting stories in his head. Chris has a little boy and enjoys hiking and reading.

Chris Smithson


David is our lead designer and heads our design wing, BrightTree Studios. David is a technology design genius. It’s rare to find an individual as talented as David at high-level visioning and getting dirty in the technical details. He has a wife and two children and enjoys podcasts, good restaurants, and building things.

David Vargo

Director of Design

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby (History)

Synergy Established

Just Bill and Greg
First Project – Winchester Thurston

2008 Projects

Oakland Catholic

First Office Space

First Office Space 3,750 sq ft.
7 Team Members

2011 Projects

California University

2012 Projects

Carnegie Mellon University

Impact Integrator


Top Five Higher Education Integrator

We were recognized by Commercial Integrator Magazine as one of the top higher-education audio visual integrators in the United States.

2014 Projects

14 Team Members
BrightTree Studios Established
Clemson University

Fast Tracker

"Fast Tracker", Pittsburgh Business Times

Top AV Integrator in Mid-Atlantic

"Top AV Integrator in Mid-Atlantic", Systems Contractor News

Office Expansion

Office expansion to 6,500 sq ft.
New Website
Updated Logo