About This Project

4Moms develops dramatically better juvenile products through innovation, passion, and people. Using those three principles, Synergy Media Group designed numerous technological spaces that would enhance their new headquarters with a focus on collaboration, branding, and flexibility.


The corporate board room includes a 90″ LED display with high-definition Polycom videoconferencing. Six under-table connection points allow numerous participants to display content on the LED independently or simultaneously. Wireless collaboration software allows any participant with any style device (laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android device) to wireless display an infinite number of sources on the display. ClearOne ceiling microphones coupled with Biamp audio processors provide state-of-the-art high quality audio for both video and audio conference calls. A 10″ touchpanel and an iPad allow complete control of the room environment including lighting, source selection, volume control, dialing, etc.


The Multi-Purpose room is used for company-wide meetings. A 4×4 videowall allows the CEO and other participants to wirelessly collaborate and share 4k content onto the 8′ high x 14′ wide video wall. Thirty Soundtube ceiling speakers fill the large space with quality audio. When the wall is not in use for company meetings, corporate branding videos are displayed on the wall.


4Moms has roughly 15 displays throughout their six floor displaying digital signage content, company information, and corporate videos. This system rides entirely on their IP network significantly reducing the cost of audiovisual cabling and allowing remote management of the entire digital signage system.


Since 4Moms previous headquarters was a large, single floor, it was easy to locate all employees. The new headquarters is six floors, so 4Moms was worried that internal team members would lose the fluidity of interaction between divisions. To solve this problem an RFID location system was implemented. Each employee’s badge tracks a person’s whereabouts in the building allowing any individual to find another employee so that quick collaboration sessions remain common.


Additionally, over 40 huddle rooms and small conference rooms were installed with large LED displays and wireless display connectivity.


4Moms Corporate Headquarters


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