About This Project

Alcoa is the world’s leading lightweight metals engineering and manufacturing firm in the world. With high-profile CEOs from some of the world’s largest corporations visiting their innovation facility, Alcoa had limited time to educate these prestigious visitors on Alcoa’s newest innovative products. Working with Alcoa’s facilities and marketing departments, Synergy Media Group proposed an interactive experience wall that would wow their guests and provide a nonlinear, collaborative, and interactive story.


Twenty foot long and 5.5 feet tall, the interactive video wall operates as one large canvas. With 32 touch points, multiple individuals can interact with the custom content simultaneously or independently. The wall is composed of 18 46” ultra-thin bezel flat panels in a 6 wide by 3 high configuration. The wall is being driven by a custom designed workstation with high end visualization GPU’s capable of outputting two 4k signals. Additional features include proximity sensing so that the wall “knows” when someone is walking up to use it, surround sound, environmental controls, and table integration.


This was a fast track project with conception, design, installation, and delivery in roughly three months.


Alcoa – Innovation Center


System Design
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Construction Administration