Prevent unwanted behaviors and reward praiseworthy actions.

Video surveillance is the strategic implementation of surveillance cameras through an organization to protect, influence, and observe the environment. All cameras are fed back to a central recorder that allows the organization to view any and all cameras at anytime, live or recorded, on a local monitor, iPad, or iPhone.


Common uses for video surveillance are the following:


  • Prevention: Vandalism, theft, and harassment prevention can be deterred using a video surveillance system. By capturing video of the interior and exterior of your facility, you are providing a visual prevention method that discourages unwanted behavior. And if a loss occurs, you now have video footage of who, what, when, and where that can be turned over to authorities.
  • Monitoring: Assembly lines and manufacturing processes are often monitored through video surveillance from a control room to ensure all automated functionality is working as intended. If a machine goes down or malfunctions you know immediately.
  • Employee Productivity: By monitoring the interior of your facility, you are using a minimally invasive solution to verify shifts start and end on time, people aren’t spending too much time at the water cooler, and smoke breaks don’t last twenty minutes.
  • Employee Motivation: Positive behaviors are also captured on video surveillance. When you notice an employee doing something praiseworthy, share that experience with your group to encourage others in your organization to act similarly.